Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Calling all Special Collections Librarians, Archivists and Museum Professionals Who Teach!

We seek submissions of innovative, hands-on classroom exercises utilizing primary sources for an upcoming Libraries Unlimited publication. The forthcoming book will provide cultural heritage professionals with adaptable, template-based class exercisesthink of these as recipes that can be reused as is, or customized for multiple situations. We solicit your easy-to-adapt, creative exercises that includes a title, 2-5 learning objectives, intended audience, collections/materials/preparation required, description of the exercise mechanics or activity, and any assessment you've done.  We seek your submission by MARCH 30, 2013.

The exercises we want to include will teach lessons in "artifactual literacy" and/or "archival intelligence." Artifactual literacy refers to skills needed to interpret and analyze primary sources, including concepts such as: evaluating authenticity, understanding historical contextualization, identifying bias, understanding the physical object, and deducing original audience and purpose. Archival intelligence refers to skills needed to use archives and special collections, such as: finding aid usage, understanding what kinds of materials are held in archives and special collections, physical use and handling of collections, and searching for primary sources.

Exercises making use of any source types are welcome, including rare books, maps, manuscripts, ephemera, born digital, and even the unusual types we know you are working with (video games, natural history specimens, models, blueprints, comic books, graphic novels, LPs, floppy disks and hard drives).  The exercises may focus on teaching undergraduates or graduate students, or may be geared toward public outreach events, educating donors, our peers, and/or administrators. We want your creative and inventive exercises for K-12 class visits as well.

Co-editors Anne Bahde (Oregon State University), Heather Smedberg (UC San Diego), and Mattie Taormina (Stanford University) look forward to receiving your submissions. Please submit your exercise via our webform by MARCH 30, 2013:

We know you're doing wonderful things with students, and this is a great opportunity to share what you're been doing with colleagues around the country.


Anne Bahde (anne.bahde AT oregonstate.edu)
Heather Smedberg (hsmedberg AT ucsd.edu)
Mattie Taormina (taormina AT stanford.edu)
Co-Editors, Using Primary Sources: Hands-On Instructional Exercises, Libraries Unlimited, to be published 2014


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