Thursday, September 11, 2014

Reference, Access, and Outreach Section Announces Internships

The Reference, Access, and Outreach Section of the Society of American Archivists invites applications for two unpaid internship positions for 2014-2015 (October - August).  The intent of the internship program is to provide new members of RAO, or those interested in becoming more active with the Section, an opportunity to participate in the organization’s ongoing and special initiatives.  

Description of RAO Internships

RAO Communications Intern
  • Will work with RAO Communications Liaison to create, edit and disseminate information about RAO and/or to solicit information from RAO members.
  • Intern for the position will:
    • Work with the Communications Liaison to solicit content for the summer and winter issues of the RAO Newsletter and edit the content received.
    • Work with both the Communications Liaison to disseminate information via the RAO website, Facebook page, listserv, etc.
  • Intern for this position may:
    • Take a leadership role in managing the RAO Facebook page and Twitter account.
  • Requirements:
    • Willingness to learn new software
    • Motivation and initiative to complete work independently

RAO “23 Things”  Intern
  • Will work with the 23 Things for Archivists Committee on the management of its Web 2.0 learning resource and outreach efforts for it to RAO members and the archival community.
  • Intern for the position will:  
    • Assist in the management of the 23 Things for Archivists wiki site, with the primary responsibility of reviewing the existing entries on Web 2.0 tools and performing any necessary cleanup and updates on them.
    • Work along with 23 Things Committee members to write RAO Facebook and blog posts publicizing existing "Things" and promoting the use of the 23 Things site as a learning resource.
    • Develop and share new “Thing” content via the 23 Things wiki. The intern will propose new Web 2.0 tools to add to the project and will write clear explanatory descriptions for these tools.
    • Participate in email discussion and other meetings of the 23 Things for Archivists Committee.
  • Intern for the position may: 
    • Contribute ideas for the successful implementation of the committee's 2014-2015 goals, particularly its outreach goals. 
  • Requirements: 
    • Fluency with social media
    • Interest in technology
    • Good written communication skills 
    •  Attention to detail
To apply for these RAO internship opportunities, submit via email a brief resume and cover letter to the RAO Chair Lisa Sjoberg ( 

Applications are due October 1, 2014.  Candidates will be notified by October 15, 2014. Thank you in advance for your applications and your involvement with RAO!

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