Wednesday, August 26, 2009

National History Day break out session notes

Notes From RAO Discussion on National History Day

Notetaker: Danna Bell-Russel

Determine best ways to contact teachers for example locating the social studies coordinators in a school district.

Determine if there is a system for National History Day and work through that system. Also determine which states do not have a National History Day system and help them to develop that system.

We should see if we can work with the National Council for the Social Studies on the state and national level to determine ways to provide information on how to access primary sources in archives. Also get the regional archives groups involved.

Suggest that state and regional organizations provide prizes and get that information on the RAO website.

Find a way to funnel funds to provide support to students who want to travel to visit other repositories or need assistance to travel to the national competition.

Use research funds (funds to support researchers) for National History Day when available.

Advocacy to support funding for National History Day.

Show how National History Day helps students.

Show National History Day as part of a larger activity to help support teachers.

Approach teachers and students separately – use a two pronged approach. But need to approach both teachers and students.

Getting people who were involved in National History Day who are now archivists to talk about their experience and how it may have helped them to become archivists.

Link to the National History Day website and have a reciprocal link with resources on training to use archives and information on archives.

Develop a synonym list for users.

Should we develop an NHD wiki.

Bringing in students. For example in Mississippi they are working with high school students and are beginning to bring in middle school students with teachers helping out.

Set up hours when school is closed such as evenings and weekends. Open on certain Saturdays and coordinate with teachers at schools in area to get the word out.

Develop liaisons between archives and state National History Day programs. Minnesota did this. Can help with having someone who can go out and do programs.

Need to show teachers that learning does take place in National History Day. Directly focus on testing and how we can have a presence while also supporting standards.

Advocacy and cooperation are important.

Determine list of small steps, medium steps and large steps repositories and SAA can take to get involved. These might include putting articles in Archival Outlook, developing brochures, serving as a judge, waving fees for archives use for students participating in National History Day, developing workshops.

Determine what needs to be added to RAO page.

Website where students and teachers learn about archives and archivists. Perhaps career information on becoming an archivist.

Create a website for teachers. Perhaps set up a separate website with resources for teachers. Possible that teachers would not come to the SAA website for assistance because they don’t think information of interest would be there.

Use SAA glossary as a springboard to provide information on archival terminology.

Crosslink between SAA/NHD/NCSS.

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